Sandman Slim Posts

Sandman Slim

by: Richard Kadrey

Pages: 388

Published: May 1st, 2010 by Eos

ISBN: 0061976261

From Goodreads: James Stark’s great rep got him sent to hell. When his fame as a teenage magician attracted the attention of demons, they snatched him up and dispatched him to the inferno, where he spent the next 11 years as a sideshow freak entertaining Satan’s minions. Now released and hell-bent for revenge, Stark loses no time seeking out the dark magic cabal that nearly destroyed him; but he soon discovers that in the war between heaven and hell, he is not the only one with big plans? Buyer’s choice; now in mass-market paperback. (Hand-selling tip: Sandman Slim elicited raves from fellow cult figure William Gibson: “A wild, weird, nail-biting supernatural thriller?in the bestselling tradition of Chris Moore, Kim Harrison, and Warren Ellis? This man is mad, in the best way.”)


I was lent this book by a friend to read because he said that fans of The Dresden Files would enjoy this novel. He was definitely right. While I can see the similarities that can be drawn between this book and the Harry Dresden books, they are still very different. James Stark is a much darker and cruder hero. If hero is even a word that should be applied to him. Harry Dresden seems like a happy-go-lucky, fluffy main character in comparison. He’s great company though and I enjoyed being inside his mind, even if it was much darker and crazier then I originally expected. I found myself flying through the first half of this novel in no time and only slowing down a little in the second half. What the main conflict of this novel was wasn’t clear to me through most of the novel, and normally that would make me put it down then and there, but this book was entertaining enough that I barely noticed and wanted to continue reading anyway. This novel has a LOT of violence. From start to finish there’s graphic scenes and there’s definitely a language warning on this book, so if you’re squeamish about either one of those things, then I wouldn’t suggest picking this up. But if you’re looking for a dirty, gritty, urban fantasy that is a lot of fun and full of interesting characters and situations then I would definitely tell you to pick this up and enjoy the ride.