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Wolf’s Paradox

18048722by: Margaret Taylor

Published: June 2nd, 2013

ISBN: B00D553XE2

From Goodreads: Kathy Granite is not your ordinary writer. She’s a Weaver – a spinner of great tales and has the ability to write or rewrite the history of a world. Only one problem, she doesn’t know it. She’s spent the last six years telling the stories of people dragged to Earth from a variety of places by her Layren Protector, Ronon Wulfdrak.

Ronon has spent that same time keeping Kathy in the dark and only brought her people who simply want their story told. He’s carefully chosen who would appear and even though she’s become quite the sensation in our world, she’s clueless as to her effect on any others. Ronon aims to keep it that way and hopes she’s safely hidden from his own people. For, if anyone finds out what she really is, they will tear her apart to get at her power.


This book was awesome! I thought it was hysterical and it drew me in right from the very beginning. I’ve always loved books where the author is causing something or is involved in the story somehow. I think it’s so unique a concept and this one was better than any others with this kind of a situation. I loved the characters and I love the transformation Kathy goes through over the course of the story. I read it in almost one sitting because I didn’t want to stop. It’s a good sign when a book makes you want to ignore the rest of the world and this one succeeded. If you’re a fan of funny, fast-paced, well-written and interesting novels, then this is a good one for you. I’d recommend it to any fantasy fans. This is the second book I’ve read by this author and I loved both of them. I would be happy to read any books this author writes, so if there’s any more I hope I get a copy soon. 😉 Seriously, this is worth the read and I would definitely recommend it!

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A First Love Never Dies

18050913by: Margaret Taylor

Pages: 151

Published: June 2nd, 2013


From Goodreads: Janel Canton must be pregnant by the time Fleet Commander Pearson Acto catches up to her again and only one man will do for that. Her one true love, sexy Montana Sheriff Jake Reeves. But returning to Earth she finds he’s still mourning his dead wife and has become very comfortable in the small-town life. Will introducing him to reality of the Universe be enough for him to move on to a new life?

Sheriff Jake Reeves never thought the nerdy girl he and his cronies picked on in High School would someday become a star ship captain capable of holding her own in just about any situation. But when he meets up with Janel again at their 20 year reunion, that’s exactly what he finds! Gone is the nerdy little mouse that never fought back. In it’s place, is a rough and tumble, no holds barred, drop-dead gorgeous woman who he’s going to have one hell of a time not falling in love with…


This is one of those books that I got hooked on immediately. I loved the interaction between the characters. I also loved how the main character thought and how she approached life. She was someone I could relate to, so it was easy to get caught up in another time when there are other planets we can travel to. I’m also a complete and total sucker for books about lost loves, or in this case, lost crushes. That was something else that made this story so relatable. Everyone remembers that person they had a crush on that they didn’t have a chance with. I loved everything about this story. It’s science fiction that I believe people will love even if they don’t like science fiction! It’s a great story with lots of fun moments and an interesting world that is easy to get drawn into. I read this book in one day, I loved it so much. If you’re looking for a new and exciting read, please consider picking this up. I’ve read another book by the author and I loved that one too! I’ve found a new author to love and I will definitely be looking forward to more in the future! 🙂

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