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Francesca of Lost Nation

8988491by Lucinda Sue Crosby

Pages: 252

Published: April 24th 2010 by Luckycinda

ISBN: 9781450701679

From Goodreads: If you love a grandmother or are one yourself –
especially a feisty, leggy and stubborn kind – then join 10-year-old
Sarah as she and her grandmother, Francesca tear up the race track,
team with barn-storming pilots and capture a wanted felon on an Apple
Farm in Iowa during the late 1940s. It’s one fun read and a story you
and your grandchildren will want to visit time and time again.

This was such a cute story. It was so much fun reading this because I
felt like a 10 year old again. I mean, sure, my life wasn’t actually
anything like this, but this book captured that kind of feeling. The
feeling of being a kid and thinking that your grandmother is one of
the coolest people on the planet and that you could never have more
fun than when you’re with her. This story also reads like something I
would’ve read when I was in school for summer reading and (because I’m
a huge nerd) I have a fondness for those kinds of books. I do think
this is something that children could read with their grandparents and
would have a great time with it. It’s not too long and has enough
excitement to keep anyone’s attention. I would definitely recommend
this for some summer reading. 🙂

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The Winds of Time

17285173by: Eleanor Cocreham

Pages: 336

Published: January 15th 2013 by Whiskey Creek Press LLC

ISBN: When a tempest throws you into the arms of love, do you surrender or find your way back to the only world you’ve ever known?

In 1893, a massive hurricane ravishes the small Louisiana community of Chênière Caminada and hurls Madeleine deVille one hundred years through time. Coast Guardsman Hank LaFont rescues Madeleine from a sand bar and takes her home to Grand Isle. Despite the two becoming emotionally involved, Hank stubbornly refuses to believe in time travel and engages others to research Madeleine’s past to disprove her bizarre story while she grieves for her family and seeks a way home. As another storm approaches the island, she wrestles with the most difficult decision of her life—return to her century or remain with the man she loves?

I could not put this book down! I already am a sucker for time travel, so I was intrigued before it even began. But even without that, this book had me hooked! I read it in about two days and it probably would’ve taken me even less time if I hadn’t had work to go to. Everything was very well written and I really got a feel for that time period and got a little bit of a history lesson. I thought Madeleine was a fantastic heroine. She was incredibly brave and strong in the face of being thrown into an entirely new time period. I loved the chemistry between her and Hank, even if I found Hank to be slightly annoying for the first half of the story. (Although, that might have been the point.) I understood why he didn’t want to believe it was time travel, but there was way too much evidence for him to be that stubborn.  I love books that show Louisiana in a good light and actually are written by people who know what they’re talking about. It was rich in Louisiana culture and history, so this would be great for someone who isn’t as familiar with that particular setting. It was a fantastic journey and I enjoyed every second of it. If you’re into history or romance or time travel, then pick this up and add it to your TBR pile. It’s definitely worth it. 🙂

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A Pirate’s Curse

18157099By: M.L. Guida

Pages: 326

Published:  July 24th 2013 by Buffalo Mountain Press

ISBN: 9781490592992

From Goodreads: Like a dark angel, Captain Kane O’Brien rescues Hannah Knight and her father from drowning after vampire pirates murder their crew and sink their ship. Struggling to control and hide her telekinetic powers, Hannah discovers the honorable and bold captain possesses his own secrets.
Every full moon, Kane turns into a vampire. Finding out Hannah not to be the cabin boy she resembles, but a beautiful, luscious woman, tempts all his appetites. Desperate to be free of his curse, Kane considers handing Hannah over to a demon. But after Hannah uses her power to save his ship from his immortal enemy, Kane can no longer deny his attraction and vows to protect Hannah with his life.
To find true love, they must combine their powers to defeat evil vampires, thwart Hannah’s misogynist fiancé and escape a crafty demon.


I thought this book was tons of fun! Vampire pirates?! Heck yes! I loved the world and the way the author wrote everything out. I loved her style. I love books where I can become fully absorbed and forget about the world around me. This book was one of those. I also am a sucker for books like this, where the heroine has to pretend to be someone she’s not and is successful in it. I loved seeing Kane be attracted to her and not understand why. He was concerned about it and that made it even better. I thought the tension between them was absolutely wonderful. It’s so much fun when the tension is so thick but the reason for why the two main characters can’t be together is more than just one person deciding that. In this novel there is a real reason and that makes it much more satisfying when they do get together.  I also am a suck for historical novels and paranormal is my favorite genre. This book weaved the two together brilliantly and I loved it. I read it in almost one sitting. I would definitely recommend this to fans of paranormal romance. I’d even recommend this to fans of historical romance, this might be a bit refreshing from some of the normal ones out there! If you’re looking for a new world to lose yourself in, then definitely pick this up. 🙂 Oh, and if there’s a sequel, I want it!

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Buy this from Amazon here: A Pirate’s Curse (Legends of the Soaring Phoenix)

One Night’s Desire

roses2by: Rue Allyn

Published: July 15th 2013 by Crimson Romance

ISBN: 9781440567186

From Goodreads: A woman on the run: Rustlers, claim jumpers, and fire—nothing will stop Kiera Alden from reuniting her family. But an accusation of murder threatens her dreams and sets Marshall Evrett Quinn on her trail. She may be able to escape prison bars and eventually prove her innocence, but she can’t escape Ev’s love.

A lawman in hot pursuit: Marshall Evrett Quinn is relentless in pursuit of law-breakers, and pretty Kiera Alden is no exception. Clever and courageous, she evades him until a chance encounter turns the tables. Finally he has this elusive desperado under arrest, but success is bittersweet when she captures his heart.


I love this series. 🙂 This is the second one I’ve read and I would love to get my hands on more. Kiera is a very strong heroine. I love that because she’s someone that doesn’t need a man. I think it’s the best romances where the man isn’t needed. She prefers to save herself, but it’s too proud to accept help if it’s offered and she could use it. I really liked her and it’s not very often that I actually like the heroine. Normally, I’m more interested in the hero. Of course, I loved Everett as well. I think both of their characters were extremely well-written. That’s something I really like about this series. The backstories are rich and everything is written so well that you really get to know these characters. They feel multi-dimensional, which is how it’s supposed to be. 🙂 I read this book very quickly. It kept me wanting more. I’d definitely recommend this book to romance fans. It’s a bit of historical and suspense all rolled into one and it’s one of the best romance series I’ve read recently. I wasn’t too sure about it when I started because it’s not the kind of historical I normally read, but I loved all of it. 🙂

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Buy this from Amazon here: One Night’s Desire: Book 2 of the Wildfire Love Series (Crimson Romance)

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One Moment’s Pleasure

roses2by: Rue Allyn

Pages: 260

Published: March 18th 2013 by Crimson Romance

ISBN:  9781440565434

From Goodreads: One Moment’s Pleasure will become a lifetime’s passion when Boston spinster, Alexis Alden, embarks on a search for her missing sister. Pretending to be a rich bored woman looking for an interlude with an anonymous male, Alexis enters the San Francisco bordello where her sister was last seen. She escapes the bordello almost too easily, but she can’t escape the passion ignited by a stranger’s kiss.

Born and raised in the brothels of the California gold rush, Dutch Trahern worked for years to erase a childhood spent committing petty crimes and worse in order to survive. That past comes back to haunt him in the form of a woman he rescues from prostitution. Now his hard won respectability is threatened by an irresistible desire for a woman he shouldn’t want.

I really enjoyed this novel! I love historicals, but I’m always a little iffy when it comes to ones that are in America. (I understand that’s silly of me and a very personal preference.) But I found myself not wanting to put this one down. I loved getting to experience this setting, because while I prefer other countries, I’m a sucker for any well researched novel that can really transport me somewhere. I love this author’s writing style as well. It all moved very fast and I never felt like anything was dragging on. I also really liked the hero because he wasn’t an alpha male. I don’t like alpha males very much, so it’s very refreshing to read a novel now and then with a beta male. I find myself being able to relate to the heroine’s falling in love with him a lot more when the hero is like that. This book was really entertaining and made me want to continue turning pages. I would recommend this to anyone who loves historical romance or anyone who just enjoyed a good romance in general. 🙂

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Buy this from Amazon here: One Moment’s Pleasure: Book 1 of the Wildfire Love series (Crimson Romance)

Double Crossing

13137711by: Meg Mims

Pages: 257

Published: August 9th 2011 by Astraea Press

ISBN: 9781466223202

From Goodreads: 2012 BEST FIRST NOVEL SPUR AWARD from Western Writers of America AND FINALIST in USA BOOK NEWS Best Books of 2012 Awards for Fiction: Western

A murder arranged as a suicide … a missing deed … and a bereft daughter whose sheltered world is shattered.

August, 1869: Lily Granville is stunned by her father’s murder. Only one other person knows about a valuable California gold mine deed — both are now missing. Lily heads west on the newly opened transcontinental railroad, determined to track the killer. She soon realizes she is no longer the hunter but the prey.

As things progress from bad to worse, Lily is uncertain who to trust—the China-bound missionary who wants to marry her, or the wandering Texan who offers to protect her … for a price.

Will Lily survive the journey and unexpected betrayal?


This book completely surprised me. This isn’t the kind of novel I would normally pick up. While I do read the occasional mystery, it definitely isn’t my favorite genre, and Westerns would really not be my first pick either. But I devoured this novel. It sucks you in and continues to bring the action and suspense that makes you want to keep reading to find out what’s going to happen next. Lily is one of the strongest heroines I have read about recently. She’s the kind of person that you really enjoy reading about and don’t mind spending time with her. That isn’t always true with main characters. While I may not be a big fan of Westerns, I do enjoy historical novels and the I loved the way that this book really puts you in that time period. The writing is fantastic and it completely immerses you. I didn’t figure out everything in this mystery, but I loved reading this book trying to and again, that’s not normal for me. Normally I sort of just let mysteries play out and don’t get as absorbed as I did in this one. In case you couldn’t tell, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I read through it in almost one sitting and enjoyed every second of it. So whether or not you’re a mystery and/or historical fan I would suggest this to you if you’re looking for a book that’s going to keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s a great ride. 🙂

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A Pirate’s Kiss

15834839by: Josephine Templeton

Published: August 2012 by Whiskey Creek

ISBN: 9781611602494

From Goodreads: Womanizer and pirate hunter, Dulac fights tooth and nail against the attraction he feels for the young pirate lad named Jesse. Unfortunately, even when they are apart, he can’t stop thinking about the little imp. Tormented by his unexplainable and confusing attraction to the lad, Dulac does his best to keep as much distance between them as possible.

Raised on a pirate ship from the age of eight, Jesse wants the one man she cannot have – a pirate hunter. As luck would have it, Dulac wants her too, but he is very resistant. For Jesse is known to everyone not only as a pirate but also as a boy, and how can she have her man without exposing her secret to the world?


I thought this book was really fun and exactly the type of brain candy I was looking for. I haven’t read very many pirate books, so this was certainly an adventure for me. I found the flirting between Dulac and Jesse before he knew she was a girl to be a lot of fun, if not a little drawn out. I found it hard to believe that he would continue thinking she was a boy for that long a period of time, especially when he found himself so inexplicably attracted to her. I thought the idea was a fun one though so I was willing to suspend my disbelief in order to get caught up in the story. There were a couple of slow parts, but overall I found this story to be full of adventure and surprisingly touching moments. I wanted to smack Dulac sometimes, but I feel that way about almost every guy on earth, so that has little bearing on what he does for me as a hero. 😛 I thought he treated Jesse very well, even when he thought she was a boy and a nuisance. He endeared himself to me more and more and the story progressed and by the end, I loved him too. 🙂 I thought Jesse was exactly what a heroine should be. Tough, Independent, and loyal to the people who matter. I had a hard time putting this book down and suggest it for anyone looking for a fun adventurous romance. 🙂

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Out of the Ashes

by: Lori Dillon

Pages: 376

Published: March 2012 by Amari Press

ISBN: 0615585888

From Goodreads: Theirs was a love destined to be — torn apart by the wrath of Vesuvius

Pompeii, AD 79

David and Sera are soul mates meant to be together, if only their bumbling guardian angels could do their job right…

First united in Pompeii as a privileged merchant’s daughter and a slave gladiator, their young love is cut short when Vesuvius unexpectedly erupts. After several botched attempts, their angels get one final chance to bring the couple together and personally escort them back to war-torn Italy, nearly two thousand years later.

WWII, 1943

Sera is now an archeologist excavating the ruins of Pompeii. David is an American soldier masquerading as an Italian, sent to spy on the Germans camped near the ruins. With the help of their earth-bound angels, they soon find each other again as they excavate the ruins.

But will deception, the horrors of war, and the forgotten tragedy of their past lives, prevent them from unearthing the love of a lifetime?


I thought this story was incredibly cute. I loved the idea that this couple was one that was meant to be together, but needed many tries to actually get it right. The guardian angels were amazing characters and I loved their devotion to their job and Hershel and Marsha’s interactions were some of my favorite parts of this story. The love story was incredible. The chemistry between the characters was one I could really feel and I loved that there were times where it was like they almost remembered that they had loved each other previously. Their love story was one that really seemed impossible for most of the book. These were two people that you would never think belonged together considering the circumstances they were in and the way they felt about each other the first time they met… or at least the first time they met the last time. 🙂 Both of the main characters were very deep and felt real. Neither one of them was so perfect that it felt like they could do no wrong. They both had a lot to deal with and made mistakes, but that’s the kind of romance I love. I want to be able to understand them and not feel like they’re beyond perfect. This was a fantastic story. Fans of historical romance should definitely pick this up. I thoroughly enjoyed this read.


Buy this from Amazon here: Out of the Ashes

Domingo’s Angel

by: Jenny Twist

Pages: 175

Published: July 10th, 2011 by Melange

ISBN: 1612352022

From Goodreads: When Angela turns up in a remote Spanish mountain village, she is so tall and so thin and so pale that everyone thinks she is a ghost or a fairy or the dreadful mantequero that comes in the night and sucks the fat from your bones.
But Domingo knows better. “Soy Angela,” she said to him when they met – “I am an angel.” Only later did he realise that she was telling him her name and by then it was too late and everyone knew her as Domingo’s Angel.
This is the story of their love affair. But it is also the story of the people of the tiny mountain village – the indomitable Rosalba – shopkeeper, doctor, midwife and wise woman, who makes it her business to know everything that goes on in the village; Guillermo, the mayor, whose delusions of grandeur are rooted in his impoverished childhood; and Salva the Baker, who risked his life and liberty to give bread to the starving children.
The events in this story are based on the real experiences of the people of the White Villages in Southern Spain and their struggle to keep their communities alive through the years of war and the oppression of Franco’s rule.


I’ll be honest and say that this probably isn’t a book I would have picked up on my own. I was skeptical going into it, but it really won me over. This is a book that could easily be read in one sitting. It’s short, but powerful. The characters in this story are rich and full of life. It’s easy to get caught up in the different stories and feel for all of the people in the village. I loved the connections I saw between the characters while reading and I could really feel their bond. I loved how there were so many different stories to be told and the way that I got to get a look into a culture very different from my own. Books like this are what show us how similar we all are, even if we have cultural differences. There is just so much packed into a book that doesn’t seem very long, it’s incredible. This is a story that definitely stays with you and makes you continue to think about it after you put it down. I love that it’s based on real experiences, it makes the emotions in this book that much greater. This really is beautifully written and I would recommend it to anyone looking to broaden their mind and go on a historical journey. 🙂


Starry Montana Sky (Montana Sky #2)

by: Debra Holland

Published: April 28th, 2011


From Goodreads: A “Sweet” romance set in 1894 Montana

When widowed Samantha Sawyers Rodriguez inherits her Uncle Ezra’s Montana ranch, she believes she finally has a chance to put down roots, fulfilling her dream of running an orphanage for wayward children and raising miniature horses. Prosperous rancher, Wyatt Thompson, has coveted Ezra’s river property to expand his spread and fulfill his goal to overcome his poverty-stricken turbulent past. Samantha’s arrival throws his careful plans into chaos, and her newly-adopted orphan boys awaken memories he’s struggled to forget. When an arsonist sets fires in town, and the people turn against Samantha and her boys, Wyatt risks exposing his shameful secret in order to save the woman he loves.


I was really excited to read this novel. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the series and couldn’t wait to get this one. (You can see my review of that on this website as well.) This novel seemed to have a different kind of feel to it, even though it has the same setting. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Wyatt and first, but he grew on me and won me over in the end. I think that this is the same way our heroine, Samantha, feels about him. Samantha is a heroine that I just adored. She has such a huge heart and is so caring and compassionate it was hard not to love her. I think she’s the kind of person we all would ideally like to be, and it was nice to read a story where someone like her gets what they want and deserve out of life. The children in this story really steal the spotlight though. They add an element to the romance that is really unique.  They each have such unique personalities and are really interesting to read about. This isn’t a romance between two people who are new to love, both Wyatt and Samantha have loved and lost before and are trying to raise their children the best way they know how. I think this is something that at least I personally haven’t seen enough of and it was really fun to read. The Montana Sky series is definitely one that I would recommend to historical romance lovers or for anyone looking for a romance that is just a simple sweet romance. 🙂