The Smoke and the Flame

17741640by: Shirley McCoy

Pages: 490

Published: March 30th 2013 by Createspace

ISBN:  9781482690958

From Goodreads: In The Smoke and the Flame, Colleen O’Banyon longs for love and adventure until she encounters Darius McLinnin, one of the fabled race called the Jinn. In each other’s arms they find all the passion, all the love their hearts desire. But there is a ring, ancient and powerful, and only it can control the Jinn. As the ruler of the Jinn and their kingdom, Kaf, Darius is sworn to keep his people safe from it. Willing to protect the man she loves and guard his kingdom with her life, Colleen vows to aid him. Alaster, an evil sorcerer, will stop at nothing to make the ring and Kaf his. The battle begins in The Smoke and the Flame.

I thought this book was really interesting. From the very beginning I had reasons to care about the characters. It starts off with just Colleen and Darius, but it ends with a colorful cast of characters. I loved getting each one’s perspective at one point or another, so even if I didn’t agree with a character’s actions, I knew the reasoning behind it and could relate to it. I did think that the love story between Darius and Colleen went on maybe a little too long. A large chunk of the beginning of the book is about them and how they fell in love. After all of that happens is when the action really begins. There’s a lot of character development and a fantastic fantasy world. I really enjoyed this novel and while it is almost 300 pages, it goes by very quickly. I read it in a little over a day. I think fans of fantasy and romance would love this book. Pick it up. There’s many different characters to get attached to, including more than one love story line. It’s a great escape from reality for a while. I loved it. 🙂

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