Convicted of Love

8037654by: Josephine Templeton

Published: Feb 1st 2007 by Whiskey Creek Press

ISBN: 1593747322

From Amazon: Convicted of theft and kidnapping, three Victorian girls must come to terms with the men they fall in love with, despite the obstacles society places on them. Unjustly convicted of jewelry theft, Camille is sent to work on a Louisiana plantation. To her surprise, the man who gave her the jewelry is the plantation owner’s son. Will she ever forgive him for refusing to step up and clear her name? Under charges of kidnapping, Emily is consigned to care for the infant son of a plantation owner. She loses her heart to him. However, he can’t let go of his deceased wife. Will she have to bury her love for him? Having served her year for kidnapping, Maggie re-enters New Orleans’ harsh society. Under her cousin’s shadow, she meets the love of her life. Unfortunately, Cousin Penelope has set her eyes on him as well. Will Maggie step out of her shell before she loses him forever?


I loved that this was three different stories woven together. I didn’t realize that’s how it was going to be when I started reading it. (I avoid almost all descriptions and reviews of a book before I read it.) It was a nice surprise to get to experience three different love stories. The situations that these girls found themselves in are very different from any others that I’ve read in historical romances. These are women that could potentially be “ruined.” I’ve read books where the threat of that happening was there, but not one where the girl was actually placed in a situation where this would definitely be the case. My favorite heroine in this novel was Maggie. I felt for her situation and thought that her character was the most fun. I also thought her chemistry with the love of her life was the strongest and it’s always important to me that I feel the chemistry when I’m reading. I would definitely recommend this book to any historical romance fans. It’s a very quick and refreshing read. It’s different than other historical romances you’re going to pick up and it’s going to give you an entertaining read and cheer you up. 🙂

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