The Sanctuary

by: Cara Cooper

Pages: 187

Published: June 11, 2012 by Astraea Press

From Amazon: City lawyer Kimberley is forced to take over an animal sanctuary left to her in a will. The Sanctuary, a Victorian house overlooking the sea, draws Kimberley under its spell.

The same cannot be said for her husband Scott, whose dedication to his work threatens their relationship. When Kimberley comes to the aid of handsome, brooding widower Zach Coen and his troubled daughter, she could possibly help them. But will she risk endangering her marriage in the process?


This was an absolutely wonderful story. Everything about it made me feel like I could go out and do something to improve my life. I really enjoy stories like this that make you feel inspired. I wanted to go out and start taking care of animals even though that’s really not something I would have ever seen myself doing before! 🙂 I felt like I was in Kimberley’s shoes and I could feel how the stress of everything else in her life was weighing down on her. This story was short and I read it in one sitting, but it was definitely worth the read. If you’re looking for something that you can read to escape your own life for a while and something that will make you feel better and more inspired to go out and do the things you want to do, then pick this book up. At first I was worried about the fact that Zach and Kimberley were married… and thought that maybe they would break up and that would leave a bad taste in my mouth in spite of the happy ending. But don’t worry, it’s nothing like that. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for something sweet and quick to read. I’d love to read more by this author. 🙂


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