Out of the Ashes

by: Lori Dillon

Pages: 376

Published: March 2012 by Amari Press

ISBN: 0615585888

From Goodreads: Theirs was a love destined to be — torn apart by the wrath of Vesuvius

Pompeii, AD 79

David and Sera are soul mates meant to be together, if only their bumbling guardian angels could do their job right…

First united in Pompeii as a privileged merchant’s daughter and a slave gladiator, their young love is cut short when Vesuvius unexpectedly erupts. After several botched attempts, their angels get one final chance to bring the couple together and personally escort them back to war-torn Italy, nearly two thousand years later.

WWII, 1943

Sera is now an archeologist excavating the ruins of Pompeii. David is an American soldier masquerading as an Italian, sent to spy on the Germans camped near the ruins. With the help of their earth-bound angels, they soon find each other again as they excavate the ruins.

But will deception, the horrors of war, and the forgotten tragedy of their past lives, prevent them from unearthing the love of a lifetime?


I thought this story was incredibly cute. I loved the idea that this couple was one that was meant to be together, but needed many tries to actually get it right. The guardian angels were amazing characters and I loved their devotion to their job and Hershel and Marsha’s interactions were some of my favorite parts of this story. The love story was incredible. The chemistry between the characters was one I could really feel and I loved that there were times where it was like they almost remembered that they had loved each other previously. Their love story was one that really seemed impossible for most of the book. These were two people that you would never think belonged together considering the circumstances they were in and the way they felt about each other the first time they met… or at least the first time they met the last time. 🙂 Both of the main characters were very deep and felt real. Neither one of them was so perfect that it felt like they could do no wrong. They both had a lot to deal with and made mistakes, but that’s the kind of romance I love. I want to be able to understand them and not feel like they’re beyond perfect. This was a fantastic story. Fans of historical romance should definitely pick this up. I thoroughly enjoyed this read.


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