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Paradise for a Sinner

16129398by: Lynn Shurr
Published: March 2013 by L & L Dreamspell
ISBN: 9781603185301
From Goodreads: When Samoan cornerback Adam Malala and two children in need show up at Joe Dean Billodeaux’s house on the first day of the off season, Joe knows he isn’t going to get any relief.

Adam, jilted by his island fiancee, has no desire to go home until he meets Winnie Green, a nurse called in to help the abandoned little boy.

When the chaos of Joe’s place becomes too much for them, Adam and Winnie take off for American Samoa and an unexpected adventure awaiting them there.

This book was very entertaining and a great escape from reality. What I love about these books is that they can appeal to any audience, not just those that love sports. Because while there is a sports theme that is tied into this series, it isn’t the main plot of each story. I’m not a big sports fan myself, but I find myself enjoying these books. I love the Louisiana setting, especially because it’s written by someone who knows what they are talking about. Another theme I would say plays heavily into these books is love and acceptance. I love that this family is made of kids that come from different places. I don’t want to give away too much of the plot away. (because I kinda think that while you don’t need to read the other books, you should go grab those as well… and I don’t want you to get so excited about this one that you don’t give the other ones a fair shot. :P) But I liked this book even more than the last one and thought that Adam was an awesome hero and Winnie a fantastic heroine. She’s strong, kind, and compassionate and that type that you can relate and look up to. I love how deep and well written the characters are. It makes it that much easier to get sucked into their story. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that this was a multicultural romance. I think that fans of any genre could find something about this book they appreciate.

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Piranhas in the Bedroom

17293561by Andy Dale


Published: December 1st 2012 by Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781291224887

From Goodreads:It’s 1986, and 19-year-old Jonathan gets quite a
culture shock when he leaves home to start his First year teacher
training at Derbyshire College of Higher Education. Living in a large
white (unmissable) student house full of lads, ranging from a posh boy
from Kent to a northerner with anger issues, he must negotiate the
perils of student life, which include seven-legged pub crawls in the
dead of winter, fishnapping raids and cereals in the bedsheets, all at
the same time as trying to woo a pretty blonde from Rochdale. Set in a
time when cassette players were cool, contact with home was a red
phonebox, but alcohol, lingerie and high jinx were still the order of
the day, First Years: Piranhas in the Bedroom is written with a great
British dry wit. Its nostalgia for all things 80s as well as its
“will-they-won’t-they” romantic comedy gives it a really broad appeal:
The Young Ones meets High Fidelity.

This book was highly entertaining. I got a view of the world that I
normally wouldn’t even think about getting to see, since the setting
was a British college in the 80s. (Let’s not forget that it’s also a
guy’s experience of all of this.) It was very funny and entertaining
though. I thought the main character was a wonderful companion. I
would definitely recommend this book to someone who is looking for
something that’s a little different than most books you’re going to
pick up. There isn’t a specific genre I could give to this book,
except maybe humor. But even that doesn’t feel quite right, even
though this is quite a funny book. The title might scare you off a
little bit, but I promise it is aptly named and the reason for the
title is very funny. If you’re looking for a bit of a break from your
normal reading and a little bit of an escape into another reality,
give this book a shot. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Buy this from Amazon here: First Years – Piranhas in the Bedroom

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