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At Risk: Passion and Peril at Sea

13607414By: Jackie Ullerich

Pages: 264

Published: November 7th 2011 by Brighton Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 9781936587292

From Goodreads: At Risk is a suspense novel that explores the complexities of love and marriage, as well as the dark side of racism and bigotry.

A Mexican Riviera cruise is the setting for a disparate group of passengers who dine together nightly. In that intimacy they reveal aspects of their lives and family backgrounds that set in motion events ranging from unsettling to horrific.

As an instigator of these happenings, Jack Watkins, a retired military officer, resorts to threats and intimidation as a neo-Nazi sympathizer. He and his wife Joanne appear as an imperfect couple whose relationship deteriorates further as Jack perceives his wife as an obstacle to establishing a stronghold of white supremacists.

In contrast, Patty and Ben Redford exemplify a stable and loving marriage. However, as events draw Ben, a university professor and FBI consultant, into Jack’s vortex of evil, evasions on Ben’s part and misunderstandings between the couple chip away at their relationship.

Each character is tested, but most at risk is Tracy Bradshaw, a young socialite who, in her husband’s absence, reflects on her need for major changes in her life. Contemplation gives way to complications as Tracy is attracted to the ship’s pianist Marc Frias, who shares her affinity for the arts. In more treacherous territory, she becomes the target of a hate group when they learn of her Jewish background.
As events unfold, the light ambience of shipboard life dims, then darkens as Tracy’s sense of unease escalates into full blown terror. Her focus now shifts from concerns over her growing relationship with Marc and marital and career issues yet to be resolved, to what takes priority over all else: Staying alive.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I couldn’t put it down. I was reading it on my phone because I don’t have a Kindle, and I hate reading on my phone, but that didn’t bother me with this book! I couldn’t stop. It definitely is worth picking up if you’re looking for an interesting story that’s going to keep you on the edge of your seat. I was never sure what Tracy’s next move was going to be and I love when I can’t predict the main character that way. I thought it was a very unique story, there were a lot of plot elements that I haven’t seen a lot lately and that added to how much I enjoyed it. I felt like the ending was a little rushed, maybe because I was enjoying it so much, but that’s the only complaint I have. It was very well-written and kept me turning the pages! What more could you ask for in a novel? If you’re looking for suspense and a good escape into someone else’s problems, then look no further! 🙂

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