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A Pirate’s Kiss

15834839by: Josephine Templeton

Published: August 2012 by Whiskey Creek

ISBN: 9781611602494

From Goodreads: Womanizer and pirate hunter, Dulac fights tooth and nail against the attraction he feels for the young pirate lad named Jesse. Unfortunately, even when they are apart, he can’t stop thinking about the little imp. Tormented by his unexplainable and confusing attraction to the lad, Dulac does his best to keep as much distance between them as possible.

Raised on a pirate ship from the age of eight, Jesse wants the one man she cannot have – a pirate hunter. As luck would have it, Dulac wants her too, but he is very resistant. For Jesse is known to everyone not only as a pirate but also as a boy, and how can she have her man without exposing her secret to the world?


I thought this book was really fun and exactly the type of brain candy I was looking for. I haven’t read very many pirate books, so this was certainly an adventure for me. I found the flirting between Dulac and Jesse before he knew she was a girl to be a lot of fun, if not a little drawn out. I found it hard to believe that he would continue thinking she was a boy for that long a period of time, especially when he found himself so inexplicably attracted to her. I thought the idea was a fun one though so I was willing to suspend my disbelief in order to get caught up in the story. There were a couple of slow parts, but overall I found this story to be full of adventure and surprisingly touching moments. I wanted to smack Dulac sometimes, but I feel that way about almost every guy on earth, so that has little bearing on what he does for me as a hero. 😛 I thought he treated Jesse very well, even when he thought she was a boy and a nuisance. He endeared himself to me more and more and the story progressed and by the end, I loved him too. 🙂 I thought Jesse was exactly what a heroine should be. Tough, Independent, and loyal to the people who matter. I had a hard time putting this book down and suggest it for anyone looking for a fun adventurous romance. 🙂

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Vala: Heritage

13691753by: J.F. Jenkins

Published: May 15th, 2012 by Astraea Press


From Goodreads: Jewl Dite has always struggled with her heritage. Being the daughter of the goddess of love, she questions everything about the emotion. Which is a bummer because she’s head over heels for Anj Willam, and thinks the feelings are mutual. It’s hard to be sure though when she has magic that has been known to bewitch men into devoting themselves to her. Somehow they’re able to strike a balance in their dysfunctional on-again, off-again relationship however.

This balance is disrupted however when a strange boy named Teague enters her life and brings along with him a group of demons. Demons who want to make a deal with her in exchange for the safety of everyone she loves.

Now to protect those she holds most dear, Jewl must rely on the magic she’s been trying so desperately to avoid. But at what cost? Will the boy she loves accept this dark secret, or will she lose him forever?


I enjoyed this novel, even though I was really hesitant going into it. I didn’t like the character of Jewl at all in the last novel. I thought she was incredibly annoying. I knew this novel would change my mind about her a little bit though and it did to an extent. I did still have some issues with her. I thought she seemed to get very angry and act out when it seemed like a few seconds before she’d only been mildly upset. Beyond that though, I did find her character a lot more relatable. I thought this was a nice continuation of the story and it gave us a better insight into things that were happening in the first one that we might not have completely understood. I didn’t fully understand Jewl’s hesitation to tell Anj about being diving. I know that he claimed to not like them, but he never had any issues with Cheyenne and Jewl should’ve know that Anj loved her completely, regardless of her background. I liked all of the backstory we got for Jewl. It really was an interesting storyline and it made her character a lot deeper for me. I think if you read the first one, this was is worth picking up as well, even if you found Jewl as annoying as I did. 😛 🙂

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Vala: Agendas

13011839by: J.F. Jenkins

Published: October 17th, 2011 by Astraea Press


From Goodreads: Cheyenne Loveless was just a boring sixteen-year-old girl. Then Denver Collins bit her and everything changed. Her plants start talking to her, she finds out she’s a Nymph, and a witch and the angel of death show up at her doorstep to take her away to the prestigious Vala School and Seminary. Oh, and she has no choice in the matter.
All she wants to do is blend in and return to being invisible, but the more time that passes, the harder that becomes. Plus she’s a daughter of the Divine, an exclusive secret society which rules the world of myth, and discovers she is a key ingredient to an ancient covenant created before she was born. A covenant that will reshape the order of the world.
Adjusting to a new school is difficult enough, but adding on everyone else’s hidden agendas is the icing on the cake. Cheyenne must learn to see through the lies in order to find her place — and possibly even love — in this new world.


I was drawn into this novel from the very beginning. I’ve always liked stories where the main character finds out they never really belonged in the place they have been all their life. I like the idea that they are destined for bigger and better things. I did have some trouble with this novel though. I thought that the fact that she could talk to plants should have been more relevant to the overall plot. I found myself kind of forgetting that was even something she could do. I wanted to know more about what it meant for her to be divine. I also found it kind of annoying that she was so attracted to almost every guy she ran into. I did like Cheyenne as a character though, I liked reading about a sixteen year old that was responsible and while she WAS attracted to all of these guys, she never wanted it to go anywhere inappropriate. I felt like the resolution came and went very quickly. I wanted a little more. I think that this author has created really interesting worlds, but we don’t always get as much information as we would like. I could tell from reading that there definitely was a lot more going on. I’d say if you’re looking for an interesting young adult fantasy novel you should pick this up though, it isn’t at all like any of the mainstream ones I’ve read, which was very refreshing. Also, every single novel that I’ve read from this author has had an absolutely stunning cover, and this is definitely no exception!

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Vala: Agendas