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The Super Spies and the High School Bomber

This book opens in a small town in Michigan where Sarah and her sister Lacey are now living with their Aunt and Uncle. Still reeling from the fact her parents have disappeared, Sarah starts the school year with her new friend Jackie Jenkins. When Sarah learns the school has been bombed, she’s filled with dread. Uncle Walt is a teacher, and he was in the school when the bomb exploded. Taking matters into her own hands, Sarah decides to search for him. The rest of the Super Spies are right behind her. When a fireman chases them away from the school, Sarah becomes suspicious. She decides to investigate. The FBI arrives on the scene. Sarah realizes this bombing could have even bigger implications. Searching for the bombers, Sarah is introduced to the world of terrorism. She fears that the bombing and her parents’ disappearance are connected and terrorists are involved. To make matters worse, the bombers are determined to finish the job. Can the Super Spies find the bombers before it’s too late?

My review: After reading the first novel in the series I couldn’t wait for more! This book definitely didn’t disappoint. The action kicked in right away and had me on on the edge of my seat through the entire thing. There’s something about the way these books are written that has me biting my nails and feeling nervous for these girls in every situation they get themselves into. I just love the characters in these novels. They have this incredible way of finding their way into extremely dangerous situations, but they do it in such a way that is completely believable. They also each have distinct personalities that I really enjoy reading about. The storyline is very original and it is different from a lot of the books I read and I think that’s part of what made me enjoy this book and the previous one. They’re books that will keep you turning the pages and escaping reality for a couple hours. I read this novel in basically one sitting, I was that hooked! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for action and adventure! I would recommend this to young adults or adults wishing to relive their childhood a little bit while embarking on a literary adventure! I do think the writing has improved from the previous novel and that the action was even greater. This novel is definitely worth the read and I hope so see much more in the future! 🙂


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The Super Spies and the Cat Lady Killer

by: Lisa Orchard

Pages: 277

Published: March 13th 2012 by astraea press


From Goodreads: This book opens in a small town in Michigan where fifteen-year-old Sarah Cole is stuck spending the summer at her Aunt and Uncle’s with her sister, Lacey. She’s not happy with the situation until she befriends a girl named Jackie. The three girls stumble upon the ruthless murder of a reclusive neighborhood woman. One of the officers investigating the crime believes the girls are responsible for her death. Fearing that this officer will frame them for the murder, the girls organize their own detective squad. They become the Super Spies and start their own fact-finding mission. The Super Spies can’t understand why anyone would want to murder the “Cat Lady” until they start digging into her past and discover a horrible crime that happened thirty years ago. They uncover a connection between the two crimes and attempt to bring this information to the police, only to be reprimanded for meddling in the inquest. Not only are the girls upset by the admonition, but they also struggle with the fact that their exuberant investigating could provide a legal loophole allowing the killer to go free. To make matters worse, the police don’t even believe them. Frustrated by this turn of events, the Super Spies realize it’s up to them to snare the Cat Lady killer.


This book started off my hurricane Isaac adventure. I shut myself in my room and read through the entire thing. I couldn’t have picked a better book to start with. I absolutely loved it. From the very beginning, I felt like I was a kid again. I loved the way the Super Spies created their own little club out of just a few people and took it upon themselves to solve this crime. Everything about this reminiscent of the days when life could be made all better by a soda and a hamburger. These kids get themselves into a lot more trouble than most kids probably would and they’re also way luckier when it comes to escaping situations unscathed, but I think that’s part of what makes this whole story so fun. There are enough dramatic twists and turns to make you want to continue turning the pages to keep reading. I loved every second of it. I think there were a few parts that were a bit repetitive, but beyond that… I can’t say anything negative about this book. If you love mysteries and are a young adult, or someone who is just looking to escape your grown up life for a few hours, this is the book for you. The ending is very satisfying and will make you want to read more! Pick it up, you won’t be disappointed. 🙂


The Super Spies and the Cat Lady Killer

Sword and Illusion

by: Nancy S. and Steven R. Brandt

Pages: 443

Published: July 3rd 2012 by Astraea Press

ISBN: 9781621350569

From Goodreads: MOONRAZER was already a famous warrior when she drove the Navin from her homeworld, wrested the Sword of Justice from dragons, and became the first Exalted Warrior of the Sarl in seven generations. But now, as she is approaching her 40th birthday, she faces her most terrifying challenge of all–finding a mate and conceiving a child.

PRINCE VARIAN of Tellan needs an heir to his throne before the Festival of the Dragon Moon or the Dragons will kill him and his sisters. Twice, he has taken Dragonmarked wives to beget such an heir. His first wife, Violetta, ran away from him and after years of searching, he declared her dead and took another wife. Five months ago, his second wife and child were found dead. Now, Violetta has contacted him on her own deathbed to tell him he had a daughter sixteen years ago.

When he learns that his lost daughter may be living among the Sarl, and that the Exalted Warrior of the Sarl herself is looking for a mate, he discovers two chances to save his kingdom.

Together, Moonrazer and Varian must deal with intrigue, treachery, and even an assassin to help each other and save their kingdoms. However, even love may not be strong enough to save either world from destruction.


So… I loved this book. Of course, I’m a sucker for epic fantasy to begin with, but I think that there are a lot of elements to this novel that make it a breath of fresh air for the usual fantasy reader. This is a novel that deals very heavily in prophecy and following the rules of Holy One. I think there are a lot of parallels that can be drawn between things that are in this fictional world and Catholicism. I suppose if that’s a problem with you, then you shouldn’t be reading it. But while those parallels can be drawn there are distinctions and it’s obvious this religion was created by the authors. This also deals with an older heroine who has to deal with the changes that are occurring and how she is going to face them and remain a warrior. Having a species where the females are the warriors is something else that I found to be very unique about this novel. I also know that while I wasn’t supposed to like the villain, Whiteshadow, I found her to be one of my favorite characters. I love when I can see where a character that’s supposed to be evil went wrong, and while I’m still not rooting for her, I can see everything from her perspective as well and feel sympathize with her.  Anyway, I really liked this novel, and while I think there could have been just a little more romantic tension between Moonrazer and Varian I would definitely recommend this book to fantasy fans. Go buy it! 🙂


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Lust on the Rocks

by: Dianne Venetta

Pages: 402

Published: October 14th 2011 by Bloominthyme Press

ISBN: 0983246432

From Goodreads: One case away from partnership, Samantha Rawlings is forced to share her high-profile case with a sexy younger man, whose eyes are on a different prize. In the best interests of her client, Sam opens the door to his strategy. Turns out, a little too far…Victor Marin has ulterior motives. The defendant in her case holds the key to his revenge and his last chance for justice. But as he chases old demons, he uncovers a powerful woman with no inhibitions, one he wants to possess for himself. But decidedly single, Sam wants no part.Until Vic walks away.

This is the kind of romance novel that I like. It has just enough drama in it that there’s more to the story than just their relationship. The drama is related though and this adds just enough tension to keep everything moving along nicely. I did have some problems with this novel though. There were a lot of points toward the end where I felt like everything had been resolved, but I still had a lot more to go. I also felt like a lot of Samantha’s problems with finding herself in this relationship were a little weak. Overall though, I’d definitely recommend this for a beach read. This was a very smart, intense romance novel. Samantha is a very intelligent heroine; exactly the kind I like in novels like this. She may be very attracted to Vic, but she can see that there’s a lot more to him than his sex appeal. I also like reading about an older heroine. That’s a really refreshing change from the majority of romances I read. I think that anyone looking for a fun, drama-filled escape from their everyday lives need look no further than this novel. 🙂



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