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by: Tara Fox Hall

Published: April 16th 2012 by Bradley Publishing


From Goodreads: Scarred from a childhood spent in perpetual indigence after being forced from their home in the Everglades, weresnake Trystan Valeras and his family make their way to the Case Hotel. When his wealthy gangster father arrives the summer he turns sixteen, Trystan’s dream of a better life, along with the lovely aristocrat Mara, is suddenly within his grasp. Instead of paradise, a series of devastating events unfold, leading Trystan to become the instrument of his dying father’s revenge. His violent reprisal instigates a backlash of murder and death, forcing Trystan to flee with the remains of his family to the sultry city of New Orleans where he sells himself into the service of the Vampire Lord Abraham. Becoming the assassin Lash to hide his identity, Trystan finds a measure of peace, even as his skill with killing heightens, bringing to him not only new allies, but also new adversaries.

OH MY GOODNESS. This was such an intense book. I don’t think I’ve ever read a novel where I felt this conflicted about the main character. Trystan managed to be someone I felt sympathy for and someone I hated all at the same time. But I think that made me like him even more as a character. The depth of the emotions he had and the experiences he went through were some of the most tragic I’ve ever read about. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and I thought that the idea of weresnakes was an incredibly unique and interesting idea. This novel was a breath of  fresh air for this genre. It wasn’t one where the abilities of the characters were something that was found to be super attractive, in fact Trystan’s abilities were repulsive to most women when they first found out. I also loved that we got to see his journey from when he was younger. I thought this book was very, very well written and this novel says it’s #1 in a series, I hope that’s true! I want another one! 🙂 I would definitely recommend this to paranormal fans who aren’t afraid of their novels having some grit to them.


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Heart of Steele

(Side Note: I am SO sorry I’m so behind on posts. I just got a new job and it’s been taking over my ENTIRE life. 😛 I’m hoping to get right back into the swing of things soon though!)

by:  Adelle Lauren

Pages: 155

Published: MuseItUp! Publishing

ISBN13: 9781927361917

From Goodreads: Kara Walker is a baking genius. Noah Steele is the scion of a ruthless empire that is determined to take control of her bakery, no matter who gets hurt. Does the attraction between Kara and Noah go deeper than the confections which have won the heart of his grandfather? How hard will she have to fight for the bakery against the corporate strength of Steele Enterprise?
Is there a heart beneath the breast of this man of Steele, and can the hardworking single mother get to it—and win it?


I really enjoyed this novel. I was able to finish it in 24 hours. I thought it was a very refreshing to read a story about a hero and heroine that weren’t extremely young. Both of them were older and have dealt with a lot in their life. This gives these characters a depth that is sometimes missing in romantic suspense novels. I also love how strong Kara is. It’s not often that we see a heroine that is so incredibly considerate and caring about almost all of the people around her. She’s also able to stand up for what she believes in. I loved her. She’s a heroine that people can look up to. Noah is also wonderful, I mean… who doesn’t love a hero that is the complete opposite of his family? AND he works in a bookstore. 🙂 This story may have been short, but it’s definitely worth the read. I found myself caring more about these characters than I sometimes do over the course of a 500 page novel. If you’re a fan of romantic suspense, you won’t be disappointed with this one!


Buy this from Amazon here: Heart of Steele

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