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Renaissance Woman

by Anne Clayre Mason

Pages: 216

Published: April 2009 by Wild Rose Press

ISBN: 1601543808

From Goodreads: Renee Martin, an antique dealer from Louisiana, felt strangely at home the minute she arrived in Venice. Though she told herself she was only there to purchase interesting items for her shop, she knew, deep in her heart, that her recurring dreams of an earlier time was what truly drew her to Italy. She glanced around in the first shop, saw nothing of interest, and was preparing to leave when the clerk’s voice stopped her, offering to show her their collection of antique jewelry. Renee’s excitement grew as when she saw the topaz medallion and she knew she had to own that piece herself. The price the clerk quoted seemed far too low, and to Renee’s delight, she had the pendant, along with several smaller pieces. While walking back to her hotel, clutching the bag with the topaz necklace, Renee was suddenly overcome with dizziness and overwhelmed after hearing the voice from her dreams. Leaning on the railing, she became aware of a man standing next to her, asking if she was all right.

Patrick Jordan didn’t always ask strange women to lunch the minute they met, but this woman seemed familiar, though he knew he had never met her. Something about Venice continued to draw him in, and his art gallery was a perfect excuse to return again and again. Patrick was surprised at Renee’s knowledge of the city, and Renee didn’t want to admit that the streets were familiar to her because of years of dreams. After Renee returned to her hotel, Patrick called upon a friend who owned an antique store, hoping to find paintings to ship back to Houston for the gallery. When Donato showed him the portrait of the woman, Patrick was stunned to see a strong resemblance to Renee, if she had been dressed in Renaissance style, and wearing a large topaz pendant.



This novel is very lighthearted and fun. The idea that they were living out a life they may have previously lived in renaissance Venice is a fresh concept and the setting is wonderfully romantic. Venice is a beautiful city and you can feel the beauty of it while reading this book. The idea that the two main characters have a love that extends throughout time to find them again is very romantic and it adds to the chemistry that I could feel between them. I love when I can actually feel the connection between the two main characters. Of course, I loved that Renee was from Louisiana. Her take on everything is a breath of fresh air when compared to other characters that we typically see from Louisiana.  Then there is the topaz. What woman doesn’t have pieces of jewelry that they love more than others? This topaz calls out to Renee in a way that she is unable to resist. Because of this she gets drawn into this intense situation that she wouldn’t have found herself in otherwise. The drama and action are very well written and got me caught up in the story. I loved the flashbacks to the past that showed the same story in a different way so that the reader could see how Renee and Patrick were living out their previous lives. This was a very fun and entertaining read and definitely something romance or historical fans would like to pick up for light reading. It was definitely good for me to read in the midst of everything I’ve been reading for school! 🙂


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